Happy Halloween...

Friday, October 31, 2014

Wishing you a Halloween full of treats and screams! 

I wanted to share a couple of Halloween treats (actually the packaging) I put together, last minute.  Very last minute!  The request came from my youngest daughter.  Last night she asked if I would make "something" Halloween for a few of her friends.  Our dialogue went something like this: "Honey, Halloween is tomorrow"!  "Ya mom, I know".   At that point, I knew anything else I might have said was pointless!  My daughter is 16...!

So, feeling really good about her request, I went to work.  All stamps and die cuts are Reverse Confetti.  They quickly became my inspiration, as most of the items were still on my work table from previous projects!      

Clear pillow boxes are something I keep on hand.  I find them useful for package anything from gift cards, to jewelry, to candy. Really anything small.  I purchased these from Etsy.

I hope this post will be helpful the next time you have to put together some pretty packaging, even if you have little to no notice. 

I hope you'll stop by next week for a Thanksgiving project I've been working on.

More Halloween Cards and a Question

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Do you ever feel like you are cheating when you've made a card with no stamping?  I actually thought that as I was finishing up these cards.  When I came to my senses, I realized these cards came together quickly, and I was pleased with the results. So, what more could I possibly want?  In the end, I just needed a few more cards to hand deliver to a few neighbors (along with some goodies, of course).  I achieved that. 

My thoughts: not every card has to be labor intensive, loaded with layers and bling, or hand stamped. There is a place for cards that can be assembled easily.  For example, if you are making more than three or four cards, that’s mass production (in my opinion).  You need a design that comes together quickly.  No frills!

So what are your thoughts on "non-stamped" cards?  How often do you create them?

The trick or treat dies are from a 2013 Papertrey Ink release.  They're not retired, thank goodness! Last Halloween I used these dies to create some cute packaging. 

With the second card, I did some spatter on the inside.  I wish I would have taken a picture to show you.  It was just around the edges to decorate the inside.  I hope the spatter trend sticks around for awhile.  I'm having fun with it.

A New Look ... And Some Cards

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Welcome to "A Paperie Journey's" new look!  For those of us old gals, a facelift.  I was looking for something clean and simple but stylish.  I feel I've achieved that look.  What do you think?

Okay, on with the show...  I have a few Halloween cards to share with you. 

First, let me tell you I've fallen in love with Cast A Spell stamp set by Reverse Confetti .  All three cards are from that set.

I've been wanting to experiment with spatter and I finally did with the card above   So much fun!  Since I was working with regular cardstock and not watercolor paper, I decided to use acrylic paint (watered down a bit) and a narrow paintbrush.   

For this card, my inspiration came from HERE, the Reverse Confetti blog.  I'm not even sure I can say "inspiration".  I CASE'D it (copy and steal everything)!   I loved the card.  It was clean and simple and ... just adorable! 

I'm planning a regular post each month (the last week of the month), One Set-Three Ways.  I hope this monthly segment will help you optimize your stamp sets.

Thanks for stopping by.

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