Washi Tape and a Lesson

Saturday, June 1, 2013

How many of you have Washi Tape?  Maybe even a stash of Washi Tape?  How could anyone resist all of those pretty patterns and colors, right?  Don't worry, your secret is safe with me!  I sure hope my DH doesn't read this post.  Does your DH read your posts?  We really need to explore this in another post.

 A few days ago I posted a birthday card for my blog buddy, ArdythHere's the card.  As I was cleaning up my work table (after finishing Ardath's card), it occurred to me that I had planned to post a Washi Tape Series.  So, what better time than now when my table is littered with just about every roll of Washi Tape I own?

With this card, I had envisioned a "one-layer-ish" card.  Clean and simple.  As you can see, the ink did not adhere to the pink stripped  Washi Tape.  Yes, (the stamp was conditioned first).  So, I tried it again, thinking "operator error".  Same results!  Really?  So, I did more experimenting, and found that some tapes you can stamp on/over and achieve a clean imprint and others you can't.  Unfortunately, because I took most of my Washi Tape out of the original packaging, I can't tell you which brand works better with ink and which doesn't.  My suggestion, test first.

Here is plan B.  Clean, simple, a bit of bling and still one-layer-ish.

I hope you stop back by for more in my Washi Tape Series.


Stamps: Papertrey, Ink
Ink: Memento - Tuexedo Black
Paper: Papertrey Ink
Accessories: Washi Tape, Stamp-A-MA-Jig, and Bling
Card Size: 4.25 square


  1. Nice card for Ardyth! I didn't know that about washi tape. Glad for the heads up! I'll be following your series. :)

  2. Thank you for the heads up on the Washi tape. Nice looking card.

  3. Love both cards, and I like the bit of bling on the second one. I look forward to your upcoming series on washi. Very sweet of you to do that. Bev

  4. Great idea for a quick and easy birthday card!

  5. Oh how fun! I have Washi tape, lots of it! It hardly gets to come out and play, lol. But this is sweet - CAS and gorgeous!!

  6. That's a good tip! I never thought about it since I think of washi tape as all being equal. Apparently not! Love the card-very cute.


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